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Have you discovered a major water leak on your water service line?


You may have the option to request a leak adjustment. It is important to make the Three Lakes Water Association staff aware of your situation right away in order to more likely be considered for a leak adjustment.

In order to request a leak adjustment, you must abide by the Association’s guidelines:

  • Leak adjustments are offered to members once every three years (except in time of drought).

  • An authorized staff member must physically confirm the leak.

  • An authorized staff member must physically confirm proper repair of the leak, read zero consumption through the member’s water meter, and be provided photographs of the repaired line for file.

If you meet these requirements, you are eligible for a leak adjustment. You must request the leak adjustment and if approved by authorized staff you will be offered a calculated discount on your water bill. Once approved, the discount will be credited to your account. Please contact the Association with any questions.

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